Laubin Players
a partial list of professional musicians, past and
present, who have played Laubin instruments
The inclusion of a person's name on this list is not intended to invoke or imply any contract of sponsorship or endorsement. We do not have any such agreements with musicians. If you have a concern or objection regarding the appearance of a particular name, please contact us.
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Stephen Adelstein, Mannes School of Music
Leonard Arner, New York City Opera
Shoko Asakura, Kansai Philharmonic
Don Ashworth, studio recording artist
Douglas Bairstow, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
Donald Baker, Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Carolyn Banham, Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra
Eric Barr, Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Theodore Baskin, Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal
Scott Bell, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Edward Benyas, University of Illinois
Melvin Berman, Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal
Cheryl Bishkoff, Rhode Island Philharmonic
Phil Bodner, studio recording artist
Rob Bouwmeester, Netherlands Philharmonic
Peter Bowman, Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra
Lon Bussell, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
Marian Buswell, Phoenix Symphony
Margaret Butler, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
Livio Caroli, New York City Opera
Gene Cipriano, studio recording artist
Fredric Cohen, University of Massachusetts
Robert Cowart, Los Angeles Philharmonic
Ira Deutsch, freelance artist
Jean DeVergie, Boston Symphony Orchestra
Edo DeWaart, conductor
Pedro Diaz, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
Jonathan Dlouhy, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Richard Dorsey, Toronto Symphony Orchestra
Earle Dumler, studio recording artist
Stuart Dunkel, Boston Conservatory
Randall Ellis, Mostly Mozart Festival Orchestra
Kathryn Engelhardt, Manhattan Chamber Orchestra
Disa English, Orquestra Simfonica de Barcelona
Joel Evans, Hudson Valley Philharmonic
Melanie Feld, Orchestra of Saint Luke's
Harold Feldman, freelance artist
Gerald Fried, composer
Bert Gassman, Los Angeles Philharmonic
Alfred Genovese, Boston Symphony Orchestra
Ariana Ghez, Los Angeles Philharmonic
Julie Ann Giacobassi, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
Fernand Gillet, Boston Symphony Orchestra
Adrian Gnam, Georgia Southern University
Albert Goltzer, New York Philharmonic
Doris Goltzer, New York City Opera
Harold Gomberg, New York Philharmonic
Ralph Gomberg, Boston Symphony Orchestra
Holly Gornik, Utah Symphony Orchestra
Jared Hauser, Orlando Philharmonic
Michael Henoch, Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Richard Hewitt, Opera North (UK)
Gustav Highstein, Richmond Symphony Orchestra
Mark Hill, University of Maryland
Jack Holmes, Boston Symphony Orchestra
Carl Holub, Minnesota Symphony Orchestra
Stuart Horn, Los Angeles Opera
Richard Johnson, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
Yoko Kajima, NHK Symphony Orchestra (Japan)
Maki Kobayashi, Kyushu Symphony Orchestra
William Kosinky, Los Angeles Philharmonic
Arthur Krilov, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Charles Kuskin, Dorian Wind Quintet
Diane Lesser, studio recording artist
Faith Levene, Kitchener Waterloo Symphony
Michael Lisicky, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Joel Marangella, Western Australia Symphony Orchestra
Margaret Marco, University of Kansas
George Marge, studio recording artist
Pietro Masella, Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal
Robert McCarthy, Acadia University
Mark McEwan, Boston Symphony Orchestra
Patrick McFarland, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Harvey McGuire, Cleveland Symphony Orchestra
Kyle Mustain, Oregon Symphony Orchestra
Susie Myers, Buffalo Philharmonic
Jiro Nakagawa, Japan Philharmonic
Katherine Needleman, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Barbara Orland, Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra
Mark Ostoich, Cincinnati Conservatory
Rodney Pierce, Buffalo Philharmonic
Romeo Penque, studio recording artist
Pierre Plante, Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal
Andrew Price, Civic Symphony Orchestra of Boston
Ferdinand Prior, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
Wayne Rapier, Boston Symphony Orchestra
Carlo Ravelli, Concertgebouw Orchestra
Basil Reeve, Minnesota Symphony Orchestra
Gerard Reuter, solo artist
Pierre Rolland, Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal
Brent Ross, Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Philip Ross, Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra
Pierre Roy, Buffalo Philharmonic
Mark Schachman, Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra
Grover Schiltz, Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Henry Schuman, Brooklyn Philharmonic
Robert Sheena, Boston Symphony Orchestra
Ellen Sherman, Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra
Harry Shulman, Columbia Symphony Orchestra
Colin Smith, Buffalo Philharmonic
Thomas Stacy, New York Philharmonic
Sherry Sylar, New York Philharmonic
Laurence Thorstenberg, Boston Symphony Orchestra
Laurie Van Brunt, Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra
Brian Ventura, Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Kevin Vigneau, New Mexico Symphony Orchestra
Stephen Wade, United States Coast Guard Band
Robert Walters, Cleveland Symphony Orchestra
Lois Wann, Juilliard School
Robert Weiner, University of Miami (FL)
Bruce Weinstein, Israel Philharmonic
Philip West, Eastman School of Music
Richard White, National Symphony Orchestra
Barbara Winters, Los Angeles Philharmonic
Treva Womble, Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Richard Woodhams, Philadephia Orchestra
Yoichi Yamamoto, Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra
Rosemary Yiameos, Sinfonieorchester St. Gallen
John Yoakum, studio recording artist
Kirsten Zander, Orchestre Chambre de Montreal
Alexa Zirbel, Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal