Laubin oboes are truly handmade.  Every part of the key mechanism is essentially custom-fit to the body of the instrument.  The wood is aged for at least ten years, exposed to the outside air, so that it will be ready to endure both outdoor summer concerts and drafty orchestra pits.  The keys are heavily silver-plated and hand-burnished for beauty and durability.  A synthetic liner in the upper joint helps to prevent cracking and extend the life of the oboe. The bore, undercutting, and tone-hole placement have been perfected over eight decades.  We worry about all the little details so that you don’t have to; instead, you can focus on making music.

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The prices listed above are current for 2018, but are subject to change.  Price includes case and case cover, three-reed case, tenon covers, cork grease container, feather, and shipping charges up to $100.  All new instruments include a one year repair warranty.

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